Planning Ahead

Creating funeral arrangements ahead of time provides peace of mind knowing your wishes will be taken care of, allowing you to continue living your best life.

Chances are if you are considering funeral pre-arrangement you are looking for one of two things:


  • The design a very specific funeral service, truly personalised to suit your wishes, or

  • The financial security of a funeral plan.

Whatever your motives, we are here to offer expert advice and help you plan for your future.


Did you know

According to the Bureau of Statistics, funeral prices increase at an average rate of  between 2.5-3% per year.


Essentially this means with each year that passes you will continue to pay more for the service you’d like.



Graveside Burial with standard inclusions*













A Graveside Burial package in 2010 would have cost around $8,107. At today’s pricing the same service would be around $8,358. And looking toward 2030 would cost approximately $11,233.


With the average life expectancy in Australia being around 82 years, that is considerable time for pricing to gain momentum and in turn cost you significantly in the future.

Looking at these figures Pre-paid funeral arrangements are a valuable investment and make good financial sense.

Securing arrangements at today’s prices create peace of mind and ease the burden for your family at a time when finances should be the last thing they have to worry about.

Options you may wish to include under a prepaid funeral contract include:

  • Burial or cremation fees

  • Funeral vehicles

  • Clergy offering or Celebrant’s fees

  • Music or organist fees

  • Coffin or casket

  • Burial plot or ashes interment

  • Funeral notices

  • Statutory certificates

  • Floral arrangements or tributes

  • Funeral director’s professional service fees

  • Other funeral-related expenses


At Lovell Meizer Funerals we offer pre-paid (fixed priced) or pre-planned funeral arrangements,

with flexible payment instalments from as little as $25 per month.

Call us or drop by today to discuss your personalised planning arrangements.