Due to the new standards and restrictions that have been implemented by the Australian Government National Cabinet and the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) surrounding social distancing and public health and safety we are now asking that people follow the advice that has been provided when attending our office, funeral and memorial services.

Rest assured, we have solutions in place for situations such as this. At Lovell Meizer Funerals it is important to us that that everyone has the chance to be a part of their loved ones service whether in person or via streaming technology. We are taking every step to provide seamless technology and services to combat the current public health situation.

We will continue to adhere to the guidance provided and believe this may be subject to change at the next National Cabinet meeting held on Friday 20th March 2020.In the meantime we will be applying social distancing and hygiene practices at all services, this includes:

• Maintaining a safe distance of 1.5 metres between patrons. • Indoor gatherings are limited to 100 people, with additional numbers being asked to gather outside the premises • Outdoor gatherings being limited to 500 people with appropriate distancing between patrons. • Vigilance with personal health and safety standards including but not limited to the use of hand sanitation stations.

*Please DO NOT ATTEND if you are unwell or showing symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness, difficulty breathing or generally unwell.

*Please DO NOT ATTEND if you, or someone you have been in contact with has travelled internationally.

*Please DO NOT ATTEND if you have been in contact with someone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19

Please be mindful of people that may be immunocompromised, the elderly or otherwise at risk.We understand these restrictions and standards may be difficult and we apologise for the forwardness of this message but public health and safety are the highest priority. We will try our best to make sure everyone is comfortable, safe and has the chance to attend appropriately.

Thank you, Lovell Meizer Funerals Management

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